(adjective) excited or euphoric
Our Story
It started as a project to join the fight against waste, when Australia took a step to combat waste publicly with the documentary “War on Waste” broadcasted on national TV. It was a wake up call that drove us to start the journey.

The aim was to design a product that people would naturally want to use, encouraging them to take their first step towards sustainability by using a reusable cup they would be proud to show off. And that’s exactly what happened, we launched the World’s First Shatterproof Ceramic Reusable Cup that was recognised by 2 global product design award launched in April 2018, and it took Melbourne by storm.
As we go about the past 4 years, despite the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, we realised it wasn’t just about fighting waste, it was also about showcasing our love for coffee. Working with coffee industry professionals was an incredibly fulfilling experience, as they dedicated themselves to creating a great cup of coffee and bringing smiles to people's faces every morning. It drives us to do better as we grow with them.

We are inspired by the conversations, we admire the effort, we want to continue developing the product for the coffee industry to celebrate their effort, and amplify them all around the world.
Made for the tasteful, made to be flavorful.

Our vision is to deliver a flavourful, as in a tasteful experience. We want to be somebody in the market that delivers an experience, carrying the story of the industry from our product to every coffee lovers. We want to be a vessel of flavor, and a vessel of story.

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